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Things Fall Apart Chapter 9 Notes

  • Ezinma, being the only child, was given high ranking and authority in the family.
  • Ezinma ate eggs which were rarely given to children because it was said that they tempted them to steal.
  • Ekwefi is characteristically a strong figure because out of the ten children she had, nine of them died in infancy.
  • Ekwefi was believed to have been having ogbanje children that once dead, entered the womb to be born again.
  • However strong, Ekwefi became bitter after seeing everyone else giving birth to healthy children.
  • It was custom to slaughter a goat after the third son born in succession.
  • Ekwefi put determination into raising her child into health after finding and destroying the iyi-uwa.
  • Finding the iyi-uwa breaks the bond with the ogbanje world and therefore allows the child to live.
  • Okonkwo takes out his aggression on the medicine man even though he is trying to help the family. His anger can show through in any situation.
  • Okonkwo lashes out at Ekwefi for pouring too much water into his pot. His temper can go off at even the small things.

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