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Things Fall Apart Chapter 8 Notes

  • Okonkwo was affected greatly by the death of Ikemefuna as he did not eat any food for two days.
  • Okonkwo makes the comment about wishing that Ezinma had been a boy. This could be related to the connection he felt with Ikemefuna before his death.
  • Okonkwo again repeats the phrase about Ezinma being a boy. He has an attachment with Ezinma as well and wishes that could develop into the one he had with Ikemefuna.
  • Okonkwo makes the comment about Nwoye being old enough to impregnate a woman, so he should be old enough to fend for himself. This must have been a way for determining growth in their culture.
  • Nwoye shows characteristics of his mother more than his father and Okonkwo felt like it was his responsibility to turn him into a man, but he does not feel successful.
  • Okonkwo does not feel like he will be punished for taking part in Ikemefuna’s death because he was only obeying the oracle.
  • In other clans, men of title are not forbidden to climb palm trees, but they are in their clan. This shows a higher level of respect for titles in Okonkwo’s clan.
  • White men are rare in their culture and it is an oddity to see one.

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