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Things Fall Apart Chapter 7 Notes

  • Okonkwo wanted Nwoye to be more of a man and was pleased at Ikemefuna having a positive impact on him.
  • Okonkwo told masculine stories to his boys in hopes they would raise up to be just like him.
  • Nwoye does not enjoy the stories that his father tells. He prefers the nicer stories that his mother tells. This may present conflict with Nwoye and his father.
  • Nwoye pretend that he liked the masculine stories so his father would stop beating him. This shows that Nwoye is willing to be someone he is not to please someone else.
  • Locust came to the village once every seven years. The elders said they went back to their caves where they were guarded by a race of stunted men.
  • Catching the locust to eat was tradition in the village.
  • The Oracle of the hills decided that Ikemefuna should be killed.
  • Nwoye did not take the news of Ikemefuna being taken away lightly and sobbed heavily. This demonstrated Nwoye's huge heart and love for others.
  • Ikemefuna loved and trusted Okonkwo and did not believe he would lead him into any harm.
  • Ikemefuna began to feel fear when Okonkwo leaves his side which shows that Okonkwo is a protective figure to him.
  • After Ikemefuna struck by a machete, he runs to Okonkwo for protection, but he does the unexpected and finishes killing Ikemefuna. Okonkwo does this to not appear weak in front of the other men. This shows that Okonkwo cares more about what others think about him than what he personally holds himself to.
  • This will likely lead to emotional problems with Okonkwo because of the compassion he showed to Ikemefuna over the years.

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