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Things Fall Apart Chapter 5 Notes

  • The Feast of the New Yam was a festival in Umuofia used to give thanks to Ani, the earth goddess and the source of all fertility.
  • Before the new year began, all of the old yams were thrown out. This is symbolic of a fresh start and related to the current American phrase, “New Year, New Me.”
  • Upon the discovery of his banana tree killed, Okonkwo beat his second wife and left her daughter crying. Okonkwo’s anger carries throughout his life and impacts many of his actions.
  • Okonkwo sacrificed yam and palm oil to his ancestors and asked them to protect him and his family.
  • A bride-price had to be paid for marriages in the village.
  • Ekwefi suffered a lot in her lifetime, but has always held a strong love for wrestling.
  • Ezinma is very helpful and kind. She demonstrates this by her willingness to help the woman that is not even her mother.
  • Okonkwo has been filled by the power of drums ever since the days of his youth. Like Ikemefuna, this may be something else that brings out the best in him.
  • Ikemefuna adapts well to the other children and they respect him. He shoots them a glare to obect them telling mother about Obiageli breaking her pot and they respond by keeping their mouth shut.
  • Okonkwo was fond of Ezinma, but he rarely showed this fondness because of his character.

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