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Things Fall Apart Chapter 4 Notes

  • Okonkwo escaped from the poverty his father placed him in and rose quickly to one of the lords of the clan.
  • The Ibo people have a proverb that when a man says yes his chi says yes also.
  • Ikemefuna, the boy that Okonkwo cared for, was a very lively boy and became well accepted by Okonkwo’s household.
  • Even though Okonkwo mainly showed his stern side, he has become very fond of Ikemefuna, but does not show it.
  • When Ojiugo, Okonkwo’s first wife, returned from her friend’s house he expressed his characteristic anger by beating her for not cooking the afternoon meal before she left.
  • Because Okonkwo was so angry, he forgot it was the Week of Peace. During the Week of Peace a man is not supposed to say a harsh word to his neighbor. It is held the week before they put their crops in the earth.
  • The priest would not break a kola nut with Okonkwo because he has no respect for the gods and ancestors.
  • They believed that since Okonkwo instituted the Earth goddess, she may refuse to give all the people their increase.
  • If a man dies during the week of peace, he is to be taken to the Evil Forest.
  • Heavy rain fell on the village and the people consulted the village rain maker.
  • The children sang, “The rain is falling, the sun is shining, Alone Nnadi is cooking and eating.”

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