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Things Fall Apart Chapter 24 Notes

  • Okonkwo shows excitement at the thought of getting out his war clothes. Eventhough he is a very aggressive man, the little things can make him happy.
  • The comment was made about the meeting place being so crowded that “if one threw up a grain of sand, it would not find its way to the earth again.” This comment has been made before and may be a saying they commonly use.
  • Okonkwo's fighting and determined attitude shines through when he states he will fight even if he has to do so alone.
  • At the sight of a court messenger Okonkwo trimbles with hate and is unable to utter a word. This usually results in violent force because he is better at talking with his fists than with words.
  • Okonkwo swiftly chops off the messenger's head. He acts with impulse and does not think situations through when he is angry.
  • Okonkwo simply wiped his machete in the sand and walked away from it all like nothing had happened.

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