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Things Fall Apart Chapter 21 Notes

  • The white men brought commerce into the clan and encouraged buying and selling among the people.
  • Mr. Brown had concern for the principals of the clan and tired to not be so invasive. If all of the missionaries thought like this, they would have likely been accepted more.
  • Mr. Brown and Akunna shared their religions and learned from each other. They did not fight or argue like other clan members or missionaries would have (i.e. Okonkwo.)
  • Mr.Brown demonstrates his intelligence by building a school and hospital in Umuofia. He is not trying to force the people into his faith, but he in including them by providing services that they can use and he can use to teach with.
  • Okonkwo was grieved once he returned to his home clan because he was not reaching a high rank as quickly as he expected and his sons could not be initiated into the ozo society for another two years. Okonkwo has a very large ego and it was not being filled.

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