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Things Fall Apart Chapter 20 Notes

  • Okonkwo lost his position in the clan as soon as he left, as predicted. The clans were required to maintain order and had to fill Okonkwo's place.
  • Okonkwo had great dreams for when he came back to his home clan. He planned to be held in high esteem, showing his cockyness.
  • Okonkwo considers Nwoye a tragedy and states to his other children that he is disowned. This basically summarizes Okonkwo's definition of love and how he shows no compassion. He just wants someone that can impress.
  • Okonkwo repeats the phrase of wising Ezinma was a boy. He really loves her characteristics.
  • Once the white men took over culture in the clan changed greatly. People were imprisoned for things that went against the white man law or the officials.

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