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Things Fall Apart Chapter 2 Notes

  • Children were warned not to whistle at night for fear of evil spirits. It was said that a snake was to never be called by its name at night because it would hear.
  • Okonkwo had no problem taking action and also had no issues with war.
  • Okonkwo drank palm-wine from his first human head on special village occasions.
  • In consequence of a wife being murdered the villagers had to choose between war or offering a young man and a virgin as compensation.
  • Umuofia never went to war unless the case was clear and it was accepted by the Oracle.
  • The virgin girl was decided to replace the wife that was murdered.
  • Okonkwo was asked to look after the boy, showing that his abilities were known by the other people and he was trustworthy unlike his father.
  • Okonkwo was very strict and his wife and children lived in fear of him. He lived like this because of his own fear that he would end up like his father.
  • Okonkwo had a medicine house where he kept wooden symbols of his personal god and of his ancestral spirits.

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