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Things Fall Apart Chapter 18 Notes

  • The missionaries begin to be more straightforward in their preachings and that is not accepted by the clan people. The people are calm as long as the missionaries are
  • Outcasts, or osu, that were not accepted by the culture began to find a place and feel at home in the church.
  • Outcastes were a person dedicated to a god that would have children just like himself. He couldn’t marry or be married by someone not like himself.
  • Mr. Kiaga, one of the missionaries is very brave and daring. He refused to listen to what the people sad about the Evil Forest and hasn’t experienced any issues.
  • Someone in the church killed the python of the clan. The sacred python was seen as the emanation of the god of water.
  • Okonkwo does not support the evasive missionaries and expresses this through his physical anger. He does not seem to welcome change.
  • Okoli, the osu that killed the python, died before the night was over. Therefore the people believed that the gods were still working and fighting for the people. The threat of the white men was decreased.

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