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Things Fall Apart Chapter 15 Notes

  • Obierika came to visit Okonkwo and brought with him the cowries. This shows that Obierika is a kind man and still holds respect for Okonkwo.
  • The people hold a strong belief in chi having a huge impact on their lives.
  • The cowries that Obierika brought were money from the sale of Okonkwo’s yams. Obierika could have not sold the yams or sold the yams and kept the cowries for himself, but instead he brought them to Okonkwo. This shows the friendship held between Obierika and Okonkwo.
  • Side Note: Obierika jokingly tells Okonkwo to kill himself, but he ends up doing just that.
  • Obierika does not want praise, demonstrating his modesty.

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