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Things Fall Apart Chapter 13 Notes

  • A cannon was sounded every time someone died. This shows a sense of unity within the clan.
  • Okonkwo still feels a cold shiver down his back when he remembered that the last time Ezeudu visited him, he said to take no part in Ikemefuna’s death. Okonkwo still feels remorse for killing Ikemefuna.
  • Warrior funerals were held as an chaotic event. People ran around and cut down trees and animals to celebrate the life of Ezeudu.
  • An old man was believed to be very close to his ancestors.
  • Ezeudu had taken three titles in his life and it was rare to do so, which shows his great character as a person and as a warrior.
  • Side Note: During the farewell dance, Okonkwo’s gun went off and shot a boy in the heart, killing him. This is a huge turning point in the story.
  • Because Okonkwo kills a clansman he must flee from his land, but because he committed this by accident, he can return after seven years.

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