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Things Fall Apart Chapter 12 Notes

  • During an uri, the bride’s mother had to cook for the entire village.
  • Okonkwo stayed and waited for Ekwefi. He was anxious and tired, but did not show it because he wanted to seem tough and manly.
  • A live goat was to be presented to the groom’s inlaws.
  • Medicine is believed to be very powerful in the clan and can do things that the normal people cannot.
  • The in-laws were duties with bringing wine and the young boys brought in a pot of wine in a single file line.
  • Obrekia presents kola nuts to the in-laws just as they have been presented for every formal occasion.
  • Elders are highly respected in the culture. In this scenario, they sat in a large circle and singers went to them and sang praises to them.
  • Okonkwo presented two cocks to the family. Is this tradition?

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