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Things Fall Apart Chapter 11 Notes

  • A story is told about Tortoise who tricked birds into giving him wings and feeding him, but when his wings are removed, he falls to the ground and his shell breaks. This presents a message of karma if you treat someone else badly, it will come back to haunt you, which can be viewed as a theme.
  • Ekwefi panicked at the sound of Ezinma’s name being called by the priestess, showing that she still worries about her as a child.
  • The priestess delivers the message of Agbala wanting to see Ezinma.
  • Ekwefi follows the priestess even after being instructed not to and told not to worry by Okonkwo because she cares for her daughter so much.
  • Ekwefi ignores the threats of harm presented to her by Chielo.
  • Okonkwo comes and relived Ekwefi to go sleep, showing his care for her.
  • Ekwefi had originally married someone other than Okonkwo because he was not wealthy enough. This shows that wealth was a huge determining factor in their culture’s marriages.

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