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Things Fall Apart Chapter 1 Notes

  • Chapter 1
  • By throwing Amalinze the Cat, Okonkwo brought honor to his village at the young age of eighteen.
  • Okonkwo also becomes angry often and acts with his fists when he could not efficiently use words, which could result in conflicts with his character.
  • Unoka, Okonkwo's father was ultimately a failure.
  • Breaking the kola nut seems to be a way of welcoming people.
  • Unoka was never happy with wars and was also a musician, which demonstrates his peacefulness, but is not similar with the other people in the village.
  • Unoka was not dependable. This is demonstrated by Okoye asking him for the two hundred cowries he borrowed more than two years before and Unoka laughing at him.
  • In the village, the men were judged for their own wealth and not the wealth of their father. Therefore, Okonkwo's father’s mishaps did not reflect on him.

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