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Scarlet Letter Chapter 7 Summary

Hester goes to Governor Bellingham’s mansion to bring him a pair of gloves that she sewed. Hester also has intentions of finding out if there are plans to take Pearl away from her. It is making it around town that Pearl is a demon child and the people of the town believe that Pearl should be taken away from Hester for the sake of the town and for the sake of Hester. The people believe that if Pearl is given to someone holy that there is still a chance to save her. Hester is still not seen as good around the town and on the way to see the governor, she is ambushed by a group of the town kids and they throw mud at her and Pearl. However, Pearl’s anger frightens the kids off. Once they arrive at the huge mansion, Pearl is amazed by all of the armour, but Hester is startled by seeing the reflection of her scarlet letter in the metal. Pearl begins to demand a rose from the bush outside of the palace. Men serving for the governor silence Pearl.