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Scarlet Letter Chapter 10 Summary

Chillingworth works very hard to try and find a cure for Dimmesdale’s issues. One of his therapeutic methods is to quiz Dimmesdale about his inner thoughts, but Dimmesdale refuses to confide in anyone. One day when Dimmesdale and Chillingworth are in the room together they hear a screaming cry coming from the graveyard. When they look out the window, they see that it is Pearl. Pearl is dancing in the graveyard and yelling at her mother’s A. However once Pearl sees that she has been spotted, she demands to leave and warns of the surrounding evils. Dimmesdale later tells Chillingworth he is sorry for the way he has been treating him. Once Dimmesdale is asleep, Chillingworth goes into his room and looks at his chest. He is pleased by what he found, but does not disclose it.